The Great Facebook Reply Dilemma

I replied to someone's Facebook post a few days ago and I still regret it. It's not that I wrote anything particularly terrible, it's just that now I get a notification every time someone else replies to that same post.

If only there were a way to put an end to those annoying things. [Shoebox]


    Seriously? Just go to the post that you replied to in a desktop web browser, and click the unsubscribe link. Voila, no more replies from that post only and you continue to get all the others. Not that hard.

      I believe it's implied that they still want to receive notifications when the original poster comments on the post. Your solution doesn't address that.

    I am basically anti-social and dislike intensely the idea of a vast number of "friends" people accumulate.

    I set up a facebook account twice to keep in touch with rellies, and deleted it twice after a few days.

    The problem with facebook is, every aspect of its privacy functions requires you to opt out.

    The site assumes you want to bombarded with crap by default.

    I got sick of getting emails about things I "liked", got sick of getting disjointed replies to a conversation that I wasn't wholly part of, like friends of friends of friends......

    I think the site is badly designed and not terribly inuitive.

    One word. SUCKS

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