The Electric Car March Continues Into Washington State's Cascade Mountains

Washington State, no stranger to the environment or tourism in the Cascade Mountains, will soon install a number of EV charging stations in that region for the slew of electric vehicles that will inevitably vacation there alongside their green masters.

The 480 V AC/DC EV charging stations, numbering just two or three over a 190km Rt 2 stretch in the Cascades, are part of the large 310 charging station order the U.S. made in late 2010. The stations can reportedly charge a car like the Nissan Leaf to 80% in about 30 minutes.

Not a very big drop in the bucket, of course, but it's certainly a start, especially when we consider that Washington and Oregon have already bought into charging stations something fierce with their $1.32 million, 10 station "electric highway" project, already underway. [ via Engadget]

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