The Big Picture Editor Heads To The Atlantic

The Boston Globe’s Big Picture, edited by web developer Alan Taylor, is a photography blog we’ve featured many times here on Gizmodo. It’s with good reason too, as the photos there can be at times breathtaking, inspirational, graphic or sad—sometimes all at once.

Today I learned Taylor is headed to The Atlantic to head up In Focus, a similarly edited photo-based blog where Taylor says he’ll be able to expand on the work he’d been doing with the Globe.

The Big Picture will remain at the Globe, edited by the photography department, where I hope they’ll continue to use it to tell the kinds of visual stories that made that blog great over these past three years.

As for Alan, I wanted to personally wish him well. The Big Picture was a local blog (for me, the Bostonian, anyway) made Internet famous by his hard work and great eye. It will be exciting to see his expanded role develop over at the Atlantic when he begins in February.

I have no doubt we’ll be linking to it often here at Gizmodo.

Incidentally, Taylor’s last official day was January 21. The topic that day was a somber collection of photos from the recent landslides in Brazil. [Kokogiak]