The Angry Birds ‘Movie Trailer’ Is Out

The Angry Birds ‘Movie Trailer’ Is Out
When the stories first started circulating that 20th Century Fox were creating a feature film based on the Rovio Angry Birds IP, I thought it was a huge joke. Fortunately it seems I wasn’t mistaken!

The film, which looks like it will come out just in time to help promote the next version of the mobile game, Angry Birds Rio, tracks the birds across the world to – you guessed it – Rio.

UPDATE: So as some commenters pointed out, the clip above is a video to promote the upcoming Angry Birds game tie-in for 20th Century Fox’s new movie, Rio. Confused? I know I was. On the upside, I now know I’ll never have to watch an hour of those Angry bird noises. Phew!

While the animation looks nice, and there’s a slight sense of satisfaction watching the Fox logo get smashed by a bird, I think I’d be stabby after 30 seconds of those annoying bird noises. In fact, I know I would be, because I’m kind of feeling a bit stabby now after watching the trailer.

Oh, Hollywood. Will you never learn that games don’t make good movies?