Sydney Ferries Now Have Free WiFi Across The Fleet

Last year Sydney Ferries trialled free Wi-Fi on their Manly route. Turns out, people like free WiFi, as the NSW Transport minister John Robertson has announced that free Wi-Fi is being rolled out across the first fleet of Sydney ferries. Yay!

More than 140,000 people logged on to the free Wi-Fi during the trial last year, so now the service is being rolled out across all 13 of the first fleet boats. The service will be available for 30 minute, 30MB sessions twice a day (morning and afternoon). So not enough for a half hour streaming YouTube, but enough to knock over a few emails before you start the day.

Now all we need is for free Wi-Fi to be rolled out on buses, trains and ferries all around the country. But it's a good start!

[via CNet]

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