Sometimes The Answer Is More Simple Than You Think

Did you look at this photo and assume, just like I did, that British-Canadian artist James Birkbeck used Photoshop to style himself as Vincent van Gogh? Often, the best trickery isn't computer-generated, but achieved with everyday-objects: in this case, make-up.

Consider these two self-portraits from van Gogh:

The resemblance is remarkable, isn't it? Birkbeck used make-up in van Gogh's post-Impressionist style, swirling it around his face, hair and even clothes, to trick the eye into assuming the resemblance was post-production work. Birkbeck has a really interesting story of how he got into photography, which you can read about on his Flickr page here. [James Birkbeck via PetaPixel]

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