nPower PEG Turns Movement Into Battery Life

Sure, it seems like the offspring of the ShakeWeight for power instead of sexual exercise. But that doesn't mean it's a joke. The nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator) is a hybrid battery recharger that can live in a backpack, generating power through the power of your movement.

It needs to be kept in a vertical position so the up/down motion of your movement gives it the bounce it's looking to convert to electricity. The conversion rate for a smartphone isn't that great, at 26 minutes walking for 1 minute of power. But the PEG is a hybrid back-up battery, with a capacity of 1000mAh, so you can charge it via USB to maximum and then while you're carrying it around it gets that bit of extra top up through kinetic energy. For smaller devices like an iPod nano, 1 minute of walking equals 1 minute of power.

Compared with other back-up options, a kinetic recharger like this can also get you out of a bind where solar systems won't. Stuck somewhere at night with a dead battery? Good to know you can specifically shake the PEG to generate some power to place a quick call for help.

nPower PEG has not been announced for Australian availability yet, but it is set to sell for $US159. [nPower PEG]

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