Monowalker Hiking Trailer Lets You Tow Your Heavy Backpack While You Bushwalk

Bushwalking isn't necessarily the geekiest endeavour, but a large part of that is because carrying a 40kg backpack on your back isn't necessarily a whole heap of fun. The Monowalker hiking trailer makes the carrying aspect much easier, turning you into a proverbial horse for your backpack's cart.

Instead of bearing the weight of the backback on your back and shoulders, the Monowalker moves the weight to your hips and the device's rear wheel. Capable of bearing a 45kg load, the 5kg frame can be broken down to a proper backpack and worn in the traditional manner on occasions where you just can't walk with a trailer behind you. It also has a Schwalbe disc braking system to help you out when you're walking downhill - the last thing you need if for the weight of your bags to push you off a cliff.

For €755 (About $1,030), the Monowalker is an expensive walking peripheral. But it would probably make the whole process a lot more enjoyable, and can you really put a price on that?

[Monowalker via Uncooped via Gizmag]

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