Make Your PC Gaming Gear Theft-proof

Are mean bullies always stealing your mouse and keyboard at LAN parties? Show those jerks by popping the NZXT Bunker into one of your drive bays, which secures USB peripherals and accessories with a heavy-duty locking mechanism.

Essentially, the Bunker is just a USB hub with a door and a lock. When latched and locked, the Door allows just enough room at the bottom for the cord of your usb accessories to slip through (but not their connectors). The lock uses an internal 20 key mechanism that keeps everything safe and sound.

Excessive? For most of us, probably. But for those spending hefty sums of cash to outfit their rigs with liquid cooling tubes and LED lights, and extra $US25 worth of hardcore geekery, probably isn't that big of a deal. [NZXT]

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