LG Optimus 2X Coming To Australia March-April

LG's dual-core powerhouse, the LG Optimus 2X, has been gaining some extra attention since CES thanks to info like the tasty 1080p video footage we saw here overnight. The great news is LG plans to bring it to the Australian market in March-April, and we've even got some expected Cap pricing.

LG's Nathan Dunn, General Manager of Mobile for LG Electronics Australia, tells us the Optimus 2X should hit the market in late March or early April. It's likely to be carried exclusively on one or possibly two carriers.

Dunn also suggested we'll see the nvidia Tegra 2 powered Optimus 2X sitting in around the $79 to $99 Cap mark.

So which price/network combo would make the 2X your next Android?



    DONT give it to Vodafone!!

    $79 - $99 per month most likely means a Telstra cap without enough data and extra charges if you set it as a wireless hotspot. That probably rules me out on principle!

      Telstra has never charged extra to tether or make your phone a wireless hotspot you angry young child.

      And 2GB on the $79 & $99 is more then enough data for me. I have 4 email accounts on PUSH with my windows phone 7 as well has playing and web browsing throughout the day and I barely hit over 700mb a month.

      You sir are a fool.

    $79 to $99 cap is too much. I wouldn't go anything over a $49 cap, and that had better be all I pay per month.

    Booooooooo to exclusivity.

    wow, thats a powerful phone!

    If it goes to Vodaphone and Telstra then it's dead to me.

    Why do they do this? Exclusiveness is only a win for the carrier, never the consumer. When I read 'exclusive' I think 'expensive, locked in sh1te'.

      @Tux: exclusivity is a win for the manufacturer - carriers pay a lot extra to have an exclusive.

    I'd love it if it were on Optus for LESS than $99

    Would pay around $59 pm, sounds like a Telstra plan in the article

    id love to see a android phone as powerful as this actually used and not wasted on a fragmented operating system that cant quite establish high profile game developers on a pirate ridden environment where the return on investment for game development could actually mean a business would break even.

    ie... iphone or winphone7

    games for android will never make use of the tegra 2 so long as the hardware requirements for the OS are never set as a standard minimum. on the upside, i could play asphalt5 slightly faster... awesome.

      lol, yeah... you're right... because the PC never worked as a platform...

      Android most certainly has work to do, to appeal to game devs (especially on an ease of dev side)

      but winmo7 sucks balls, because it does NOT allow for multi platform dev. so you're there choosing between winmo7 and iphone.... fail. android (as dodgy as the dev experience is atm) DOES allow multi platform dev. so you can dev once, and one click deploy to iphone, android, nokia, HP, bada ect.

      Heard of Tegra Zone? Oh that's right, that's were games made SPECIFICALLY for Tegra are going to be available!

      Nuf said.

      I think android shouldn't be java based, running a java vm on a phone? get real write it in C# or C++.
      It would be nice if they made a propper linux phone, like a mobile version of debian or ubuntu.

        ... because C# does not require a VM? C is not a real language for a phone... ask the current Apple devs ;)

        Android is doing just fine being written in Java. For what it is worth, Java apps can actually take advantage of having code written by it's authors in the C language.

    Great phone, but for a $79-99 cap does not corresponds to its value.
    Perhaps $49-$59 cap is reasonable.

      @Van: You said it yourself - it's a great phone. It's the first of the next generation of high-end Android devices, and it will be priced accordingly.

      Selling it on a $49 cap would be so heavily subsidised that it would be unviable to the carrier. People will happily pay extra to get something they perceive as being more exclusive or better in some other way (iPhone pricing at Telstra, for example).

      If you want it, you'll have to pay the asking price or wait for it to be discounted.

    Not from a telco - please sell it outright LG through the typical retailers!

    Look at Vodafone's record in Australia:
    - class action in the courts re poor network performance
    - leaked customer details on the web (ID fraudsters rejoice)

    It is a disgrace.

    Handset manufacturers should be avoiding Vodafone like the plague.

    Offering exclusive rights to Vodafone is sheer madness.

    Exclusive = rip-off. Was looking forward to buying this but won't go near it if I have to pay that much to Telstra or God Forbid Vodacrap!

    Wait, so you guys are not willing to pay a few bucks extra a month for one of the world's most powerful phones? Despite millions of people willing to do so for an iPhone? And despite the fact that if the 2X ends up on Telstra, it will be on the world's best network. What are you? Stupid?

    If it were on optus i would consider signing into a contract but i have had the worst experience with both vodafone and telstra, telstra maily for its high prices and rude staff and vodafone for there bad network everytime someone tries to call me the network does not connect on the first try and i always get my calls dropped, i have had several different phones and my experience is the same on both networks, Optus all the way, good customer support and much better deals, will definately be getting the nokia e7 from optus when it is released

    Any network as long as its on a monthly $49 Cap Plan with minimum 1GB data. For Android phones, I prefer Samsung Galaxy or Google Nexus S but if LG is as good or better then I would go for Android switching over from iPhone.

    NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual core chipset running Android 2.2 upgradeable to 2.3 OTA. Om nom nom.

    But as usual we play the waiting game in Australia as the powers that be decide when it will be worth their while to start selling it here. Our money is money too, y'know.

    Seriously guys, calm down optus is good if you live in the city, but you have to admit telstra's network has much better coverage and by far more speed than optus, sure optus is great in metro areas but in places like gippsland expect little or no 3G so telstra is the only option for me.

    I just hope its on all carriers so everyone can choose their preferred carrier but telstra is for me and if its exclusive to optus then its dead to me because then it will not be on UTMS1800 so I will not be able to use it on telstra in regional areas, which would suck.

      I think you mean UMTS 850 (Next G). I think you'll find Optus' coverage in the last 1-2 years has increased dramatically. It's only very remote places that Telstra has monopoly these days. I recently spent a few days in the gippsland area and had very good Optus coverage on their 900Mhz network.

    Okay so i have been waiting to see this phone in store to decide if it is for me or not... and according to this article, it should already be in stores, yet, it's April 21st and I'm still waiting... any idea when it will actually be hitting the shelves???


    Check out this link:



    just wondering if half you people realise that vodafone runs off the optus network? why do you have an allegience to a brand, especially a telco brand? its just plain stupid. most of the vodafone dramas are because of optus oversubscribing their system, overloading towers and not upgrading the network to cater for the huge numbers of users.

    as for poor connection, if you have an optus and a vodafone phone side by side, they will have the exact same poor signal and connection issues, although i am led to believe by someone in the industry that optus (obviously) gives some priority to their customers over voda customers.

    giving vodafone credit where it's due, when they have a major outage, they give the customers something back in return, say for example sms was down one weekend, so they gave 24hrs of free sms the next weekend.

    when optus was down for me (and many others), for both calls and sms, for 3 days, i got nothing in return.

    also vodafone is consturcting a new network which will be switched on mid 2011, moving off the optus network. i would expect their service to vastly improve.

    telstra although expensive, have the best coverage, but to the average person just running around the capital cities and surrounding areas it wouldn't make much of a difference.

    optus charge ridiculous fees for global roaming and are notorious for overcharging on their data.

    all the carriers have their problems, good and bad points and they're all charging us way too much for sub-par services. there is no point as a consumer remaining faithful to any of them.

    Remember something kids.. VODAPHONE is know part of (3)phone provider. If you think Vodaphone provider is as bad.. then (3) is way better obviously but know 3 and vodaphone joint together in the family. So if this phone is available with them it will be with them in one shop. Considering 3/vodaphone havnt got newer phones lately.

    The principle is... How much will it cost OUTRIGHT? i would like to buy it OUTRIGHT and gues what? ill choose a full pre-paid amount lets say with Telstra.. So there for.. like you folks If your worried about vodaphone why dont you buy the phone and then choose any carrier to buy prepaid for it ?

    If anyone knows how much it will cost outright. No contracts what so ever.

    Remember 3 and vodaphone has join together making it tripple coverage on both ways airs.

    This phone looks promising but there is no price tag for it. I think Harvey norman store will sale these outright and it is due to come out very shortly. Check out the website.

    Also i dought a phone knowdays will be anything over 1,000 dollars just like it was 3 years ago for a outright ugly iphone at the time.

    I am guesing it might cost around between 400 to 700 dollars outright.

    Not 1,000 or obove dollars. That was the past with new phones at the times. Phones shouldnt cost such high amount. that price i could easily buy myself 2x plasma screens for 2 bedrooms for the doms.

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