How Can A Watch This Complex Be Bulletproof?

I have no idea how something so delicate looking can resist the force of a gunshot - or so watchmaker Devon claims - but I'm not asking any questions. This lithium polymer-powered, steel-built, computer-manufactured timepiece is tough as hell.

It could even save your life. Well, at least if someone is an extremely poor shot. At any rate, the Devon Tread1 is extremely durable despite its internal intricacies. The way the overlapping belts - driven by four very tiny motors - work to display minutes and hours is particularly rad, but really, make anything bulletproof and you will win me over. Only 500 of the watches will be made this year, so start busting your piggy banks for the extreme cost of owning one. But can you really put a price on being able to deflect bullets with your wrist? Yes. Fifteen thousand dollars. Gulp. [Devon]

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