FireHero: Guitar Hero With Actual Giant Flames

It's been a while since I bothered playing Guitar Hero, but you know what would change that right quick? If each button I pressed lead to a corresponding flame shooting sky-high. That's the magic of FireHero. And it is incredible.

The twisted brainchild of Chris Marion, interfaces a Guitar Hero guitar with a microcontroller, which in turn powers relays that activate solenoid valves on five fire poofers. That's when AC/DC and Motley Crue (below) get combustible.

For full, detailed instructions, check out Chris's site here right after you take out a sizeable life insurance policy. And if you're content to watch safely from the sidelines, get ready for FireHero 2, with its colour-changing flames and extra flame-throwing Star Power mode. Cannot wait. [Chris Marion via The High Definite via Gamma Squad]

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