Can We Expect The Motorola Atrix On Telstra This Year?

Can We Expect The Motorola Atrix On Telstra This Year?

The Motorola Atrix was one of the most exciting phone announcements of CES, and after reading Warwick Bray’s Telstra Exchange post yesterday, AusDroid’s Buzz Moody thinks all signs point to a Telstra release for the Android smartphone. And we have t agree with him.

The reason is simple: Bray singles out the Atrix. In a post talking about all the technology he saw at the CES show, only the parallax portable 3D screens shown off by Sharp, Google Honeycomb tablets (but no particular models) and the Motorola Atrix smartphone gets a distinct mention. There’s no mention of any other phone manufacturer or handset. Given that CES saw the announcement of phones like the Optimus 2X and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, that’s a little weird.

But as Buzz points out on Ausdroid – it’s more than just that. The Atrix is headed to AT&T in the US and Rogers in Canada, both networks that use the same 850MHz frequency as Telstra’s NextG. Coincidence? Unlikely.

It’s hardly concrete evidence, but it does seem to be a pretty solid indication that Telstra customers will get to enjoy the Atrix and its incredible dock concept later this year…

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