Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

In case you missed it late yesterday afternoon. Sony announced the PSP2. I think I want one! Sony PSP2: An OLED-Equipped, Dual Analog, Touch-Sensitive Portable Powerhouse It's almost like the PSP of my dreams, except for the proprietary flash media system...

PlayStation Games Coming To Android Phones Yet there was no mention of the Playstation Phone. Looks like Mobile World Congress will still have some news after all!

HTC’s Next Android Phone Gets Spotted On Chinese Train Kinda looks like a Desire to me.

The Only Sci-Fi Movie You Need To Watch For The Rest Of Your Life Oh yes!

The Massively Intimidating Size Of The Internet Visualised It's going to crush us all!

Appgun Turns Your iPhone Into An Augmented Reality Rifle Sight Really? Will ANYBODY use this?

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