Behold: The One Letter Username Twitter Aristocracy

You see this guy? Andrei? You see his smug face? Wanna know why he's so smug, aside from being a "beer lover and brewer"? His Twitter username is A. Just A. He is one Twitter's 26 alphabetical superstars.

I've always been proud of my number-free email address (as opposed to my middle school AOL screen name, studded with numbers like sores on a leper). It's clean. It's minimal. It's a sign that I got there before the other Sam Biddles (suckers!). "Few things have been as lame as a username that's too long," The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal points out. And he's right.

But these truncated tweeters - from David Bragdon (aka "@D") to Zach Brock (aka "@Z"). Some of them are mildly Twitter-popular (ew), like Tantek "@T" Celik, with 13,004 followers. But some of them just suck. Like @W Walter, with 93 followers. And he even put a tawdry picture of his six-pack up as his profile shot. For shame!

I wonder what Juliette "@J" Melton is doing right now? Probably staring at herself in the mirror and smiling, and then staring down at her Twitter profile and smiling, and then back up at the mirror, thinking, you're the best, you're just @J - you've done it - and then back at her profile, ad infinitum. That's what I'd be doing if I were @S, at least.


[The Atlantic]

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