Aaron Rodgers Broke A Photographer’s Monopod To Score A Touchdown

Aaron Rodgers Broke A Photographer’s Monopod To Score A Touchdown

Scott Kelby, an excellent photographer, was taking pictures in the end zone during last week’s Packers game when Aaron Rodgers decided to run and dive in his direction. Rodgers scored a touchdown but accidentally broke Kelby’s $US350 monopod in the process.

Kelby jokingly recounts the tale on his blog (all of which is in good humour) and knows that it’s not Rodger’s fault at all. It’s awesome that Kelby was able to snap pictures of the whole exchange, he says:

I’m shooting my 400mm f/2.8 on a Gitzo monopod, but when I see this unfolding, I hold my Monopod with the left hand, and grab my 2nd body; a Nikon D3 with a 24-70mm f/2.8, with my right hand-I put it up to my eye and start firing at Rodgers as he’s running straight at me. Rodgers lands right in front of me, and starts sliding toward me. I keep shooting. Rodgers keep sliding. I keep thinking at some point he’s going to stop sliding, and then BAM—he’s levels me, the guy beside me, and my camera on the monopod goes flying.

Luckily, his cameras survived the tackle (and he did too aside from all the dirt, that is) so he could keep on snapping. In fact, here’s a picture of him continuing to shoot the play:

An awesome story with even better visuals at his blog. And of course, here’s our guide on how to photograph Football. [Scott Kelby]