12 Fictional Glasses That Would Give Lady Gaga A Run For Her Money

12 Fictional Glasses That Would Give Lady Gaga A Run For Her Money

Lady Gaga is bringing futuristic video screen glasses to the world, but movies and television have already expanded our eyewear horizons. Here are a dozen specs, lenses and goggles with powers that go far beyond video play

Doc Brown

Not only are they stylish in any century, these safety glasses are rated for time travel.

Geordi LaForge

Yeah it causes constant pain, but who wouldn’t want to see the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums. And it doubles as a microscope!

Clark Kent

Glasses that make it impossible for anyone to tell who you are; who doesn’t need a pair of those for sneaking out of the office?


Everyone with lasers for eyes needs a pair of Dr. Xavier’s ruby lenses.


Ed’s goggles plug right into Cowboy Bebop’s 2071 version of the internet. This girl doesn’t surf the net, she swims in it.

They Live!

Want to reveal the skull aliens and their subliminal messages? Then you’ll need a pair of sunglasses from John Carpenter’s horror flick They Live!


Maybe you don’t need to hide creepy terminator eyes, but these sunglasses go better with a handgun than anything else.


Caprica’s virtual reality doesn’t require bulky headgear or weird gloves. Just these simple stylish frames and some blue light.

Molly Millions

They may look like futuristic silver sunglasses, but Molly’s lenses are surgically implanted vision enhancers. To match the surgically implanted razors beneath her fingernails.

Commander Sheppard

This Mass Effect visor improves aim by ten percent. If only real glasses could offer those odds (and also be made out of light).

National Treasure

Not just great for tracking down Masonic clues, these glasses have real historical provenance. After all, Ben Franklin was the Lady Gaga of his day.

Phineas and Ferb

An awful lot of people have been ripped off by X-Ray glasses. When that happens to Phineas and Ferb they make a few pairs that actually work.