Word Lens Is The Most Amazing Translation App Ever Made

Our first reaction on seeing this video of an app that translates printed words using your iPhone's camera? Fake! But then we downloaded the app itself and were blown away - it actually works!

The app is a free download from the app store, although the free version doesn't actually do anything but demo the technology. Actually getting the app to translate between English and Spanish costs $6 each way as an in app purchase.

But the demos themselves are just as spectacular. The first demo will reverse the letters on printed words, turning "Free" into "EERF" and "Video" into "OEDIV", for example. The second demo removes words from the screen, magically matching the space that used to hold words with a colour-matched, solid background.

It's not perfect - the app struggles with stylised fonts, and doesn't work at all with handwriting, but it is simple to use and amazing in the fact that it actually works. At the moment, only English to Spanish (and vice versa) are supported, but hopefully new languages will be added soon.

This is easily the most impressive real world use of augmented reality we've ever seen. Download it now.




    Just astonishing.
    This is a game changer.

    I tried the demo version. Didn't work very well for me, but that was using the Touch 4G camera.

    this concept is freaking awesome!

    erase words demo: imagine built in sensorship in video cameras etc awsome!! lol

    Funny thing happened when I pointed it to my MacBook Pro box:


    I love this app. Just saw it on Kotaku. I can't afford the $6 to buy the packs though.. Can't wait until more languages come out! its simply amazing!

    Looks awesome, although most of the Spanish phrases are not written correctly, Ex: Ropas is not an existing word, it's Ropa.

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