The Top US Posts Of 2010 - Number 5

It's been a huge year for Gizmodo. And as we wind down for the final week of 2010, it's time to sit back in our bright red Hefner bathrobe, swirl our snifter of brandy and reflect on the biggest US and Australian stories of the year.

Number 5: This is Apple's next iPhone

This is the story that catapulted Gizmodo into a mainstream technology news source in the US. It changed the way Apple approached the launch of their latest iPhone, and resulted in US Giz editor Jason Chen's house being broken into by police. Arguably it was the biggest tech story of 2010, and yet it only came in at number five for GizAU in terms of traffic. We're as surprised as you are.

Come back tomorrow to find out what came in at number four...

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