The Sinister Side Of Christmas Tech Shopping In This Month’s T3 Magazine

The Sinister Side Of Christmas Tech Shopping In This Month’s T3 Magazine

 title=Christmas shopping is like a form of festive mass psychosis. We all know that in the January sales the must-haves of the Christmas period will be cheaper and more readily available. Are manufacturers just too conservative with their production tallies or is there something more sinister involved?

We’re going to look at the store queue fights, the desperate journeys, the bribes, the eBay scams and the drive-by shootings of yore. Yeah, and Merry Christmas to you too, mate.

In the twin worlds of tech and toys, the must-have Christmas item has to be something special. It needs the X-Factor. Unlike Danii Minogue’s latest karaoke hit, it can’t just be lackadaisically slung out to a baying and paying public to be consumed in massive numbers. There must be a perfect storm of great product, timing and hype that can only in part be generated by advertising and PR.

In this month’s issue of Australian T3 (118 – December) there’s more than just Christmas features and products. We’ve covered off the future of your current technology. There’s no real point looking too far into the world of upcoming technology. Things change far too quickly in this game. But there are bits and pieces that we do know. Things about iPad 2, Kindle 4, HTC’s follow up to the Desire HD and more.

We also take a good, hard look and Windows Phone 7. You’ll find all the information on the OS, all the new handsets and all the tips and tricks inside the latest issue. When we got bored of that we headed down to Tasmania to take the new Lexus IS350 for a spin. You can check out all the details of that trip as well as the amazing Freycinet Saffire Hotel.

Finally, we announce the winners of the 2010 T3 Gadget Awards, with expert comments from a raft of technology celebrities… if you can call them that…

T3 118, December issue, is out now at Coles, Woolworths, 7-Eleven, Borders and all good newsagents. This month it comes bagged with a bones Guide to Photography and Asus Mini Magazine.