The Infuse Is An Australian Designed Watch Strap For Your iPod Nano

There was a lot of demand and excitement over the recent LunaTik and TikTok bands for the iPod Nano, but Aussie design company Frontal Concepts may have both of them beat with their Infuse strap.

With a trademarked locking mechanism called "WristLock", the Infuse uses "high grade polycarbonate plastics" to lock the Nano into place, ensuring it will never come loose. It's also mounted in such a way that headphone wires can run up your arm so you can listen while jogging. The buckle is made from aeronautical-grade stainless steel.

Available in three colours: black, white or brown, the Infuse strap will set you back $US25, with orders expected to ship in the middle of this month. If you're thinking about getting yourself a watch strap for your iPod Nano, this looks like a great option, especially given the fact you're supporting an Aussie company.


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