The Gizmodo 12 Days Of Christmas Gift Guide

The Gizmodo 12 Days Of Christmas Gift Guide

 title= On the eleventh day of Christmas, Gizmodo gave to me…

 src=Eleven Keyboards Typing Remember a few years ago when RSI was the big scare around use of technology? Yeah, it still exists. Having a comfortable keyboard is essential in today’s computer workplace environment, and while the SteelSeries Shift was originally designed with gaming in mind, because of its interchangeable keysets, it’s also great for non-gamers too who want to use macro shortcuts to speed up their workflow. €90 [SteelSeries] [imgclear]

 title= Ten Shirts Worth Keeping[imgclear]

 title= Nine Gamers Dancing[imgclear]

 title= Eight Scarves All Silky[imgclear]

 title= Seven screens with dimming[imgclear]

 title= Six games worth playing[imgclear]

 title= Five Sundial Rings[imgclear]

 title= Four Angry Birds[imgclear]

 title= Three Magic Pens[imgclear]

 title= Two iPhone gloves[imgclear]

 title= And a large pack of AA batteries