The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Gifts For Him

The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Gifts For Him

 title= If your better half is a dude, why not consider one of these geeky gifts to keep him happy this Christmas?[imgclear]


 title=Dr. Who Dalek Projection Alarm Clock, $50 Alarm clocks are inherently evil, stealing you away from glorious sleep. The Dalek alarm clock is comfortable with its dark nature, waking you up to the sound of its gun and hover sound effects and the classic screeching of “Exterminate!!” [Latestbuy] [imgclear]


 title=Garmin Asus A50 nuvifone, $200 It’s a fully-functioning Android smartphone combined with a fully functioning GPS. The nüvifone never really took off, but given that it acts as two devices in one for less than $200, it’s a bargain, even if it is locked to Optus. [Dick Smith] [imgclear]


 src=Origin Big O, $22,799 It’s a 23,000 dollar PC with an integrated Xbox 360. How can anybody not want the Origin Big O? If money is no object, this is the ultimate geek gift for any hot-blooded male. [Origin] [imgclear]