The 2010 Gizmodo Gadget Award Winner: Best Mobile

The 2010 Gizmodo Gadget Award Winner: Best Mobile

 title=2010 completely changed the mobile landscape. There were two new smartphone platforms in WP7 and Samsung’s Bada, plus the rise and rise of Android and Apple’ impressive iPhone 4. But which handset took out all comers for the title of Best Mobile of 2010? The winner is…

Reader’s Choice: Apple iPhone 4

 title=Of all the categories in the Gizmodo Awards this year, this was easily the biggest margin between first and second. With 42.5% of the vote, Apple’s double glassed smartphone was miles in front of the nearest competitor, the HTC Desire HD on 23.5% of the vote. You may not like the way Apple do things, but you can’t deny that their iPhone is a runaway success.

Editor’s Choice: HTC Desire

Another tough decision – everyone here had a slightly different view on what should take away the editor’s pick award. In the end, we settled on the HTC Desire, which was really the first Android-powered phone released in Australia that not only competed with the iPhone, but surpassed it in a number of areas. It brought Android to the masses, and laid the groundwork for Android to explode in popularity. And while it’s been updated, the Desire still holds its own as a superb smartphone.

Stay tuned for next week when our five category winners battle it out for the mantle of Best Gadget of 2010!