Optus MyTab Now Available In Store On Prepaid

Optus MyTab Now Available In Store On Prepaid

 title=If your jaw hit the floor with the idea of a sub-$300 Android tablet from Optus, you should probably get it looked at. You should also pick it up and head to your local Optus store, as the 7-inch, resistive screen tablet has hit shelves today for prepaid customers, with postpaid options launching on December 20.

In case you need a refresher, the MyTab is a $279 tablet running Android 2.1 and featuring a resistive 7-inch screen, 3MP camera and expandable memory. The $279 prepaid price includes 3GB of data valid for 3 months, charged in 10MB increments including both uploads and downloads. If you want it even cheaper, for a limited time Optus are selling it for $269 online.

If postpaid is more your thing, the tablet will be available for $0 up front on a $30 data plan over 24 months including 4GB of data a month from December 20.

While it’s important that this segment of the market is catered for, like the T Touch Tab, this probably isn’t for the regular Giz reader. Still, at $269 online, it’s cheap enough to almost pick up as an impulse buy for your kids or less tech-savvy friends…