Magic TV PVRs Don't Sound Too Magical

Digital Products Group, the company behind the Aussie distribution of Beyonwiz and Slingbox among other brands, has just launched a new PVR brand in Australia called Magic TV. From the specs, it doesn't seem to be too magical though.

That's not to say it's bad - For $699 you get a 1TB, twin HD tuner PVR with 1080p upscaling and Freeview EPG support. It also comes with a free Wi-Fi dongle to connect to the web for news and weather feeds or firmware updates, but there's no IPTV options out of the box. You can also organise your recordings by folders, but there's nothing magical about that.

Still, it's a $700 DVR with plenty of storage and flexible enough for power users out there. And more options are always better, right?


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