LTE Trials In Melbourne Hit 149.4Mbps Download Speeds

LTE Trials In Melbourne Hit 149.4Mbps Download Speeds

 title=Huawei and Telstra have been trialling LTE mobile technology in Melbourne over the past six months and have today announced that in a controlled environment, they were able to get download speeds of 149.4Mbps and upload speeds of 59Mbps. That’s insanely fast!

It’s also not likely to be seen in the real world anytime soon. Fortunately, the trial also included a field trial component, which managed speeds of 69.3Mbps down and 24Mbps up, which is still significantly faster than anything we’ve currently seen.

Both controlled and field trials were conducted using the 1800MHz spectrum, with 20MHz of spectrum allocated for the controlled trial and 10MHz for the field one. On top of the obvious speed factors, the trial also tested a whole heap of other criteria necessary for when Telstra begins to offer LTE services.

We’re still a while away before seeing LTE available to consumers, and it will be interesting to see whether or not battery drain is an issue with LTE compatible devices like it is with the advances in HSPA speeds, but it’s still exciting to know that one day we might get wireless speeds that approach and exceed the current cable speeds…

Image: Telstra