Internode Launches FRITZ!Box In Australia

FRITZ!Box has been one of Europe's leading router companies for years, and now Internode and PCRange are joining forces to bring the futuristicly designed hardware to Australia.

With a built-in DECT cordless handset base station supporting six handsets, VoIP support, ethernet switching and support for both IPTV and IPv6, PABX functions and email enabled answering machine functions.

There will be two models available when the routers become available in January. The premium Fon WLAN 7390 will sell for $469 with four gigabit ethernet ports, and on board storage for media servers and NAS drives, while the Fon WLAN 7270 costs $369 and includes four 100-Mbit/s ethernet ports and dual band wireless LAN. DECT cordless handsets will sell for $129.




    i reckon with that i could break my distance record i set throwing my linksys.

    I've had this for over a year now, finally ISPs have seen potential....

      Two brief points.

      First, to the comment that "I've had this for more than a year and finally ISPs have seen the potential"... we've been working with AVM on bringing this (officially, supported, localised, and legal) to the Australian market for more than a year.

      Second, regarding pricing - the article here quotes the official RRP's, but the actual Internode pricing (yes, available to everyone, not just Internode customers) is lower - specifically $299 and $399 respectively, and we also have some bundles with a Fritz!Fon DECT handset included too.

      You can see the details of all of that (and pre-order one) here:

      Simon Hackett
      MD, Internode

    Hopefully this will work, unlike iinet's woeful Belkin BoB

    Why only 100mbps LAN?
    Surely Gb LAN is the standard nowadays?

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