If You're Going To Steal Something, Why Steal Copper Cable?

According to ABC News, a 50 year old Newcastle Man posed as a telephone technician in order to steal about $100,000 worth of copper cable between October and November this year. About 400 homes were affected by the thievery. But why did he do it? Let's speculate!

Why would this guy steal copper cabling? Maybe he wanted to create sculpture from the cable, and figured that because he had Telstra shares he had the right to pull up cable from underground.

Or maybe he was hoping to fasttrack NBN rollout for the greater Newcastle region.

Or maybe he's an evil genius hoping to create artificial intelligence from the electromagnetic fields created from $110,000 worth of charged copper cabling.

Let us know your best explanation fo this larceny below.

UPDATE: Subtlety obviously doesn't work with you guys. Obviously he stole the cable to resell it - It wasn't a literal question. I was hoping to create a small diversion in your day just over a week out from Xmas by stimulating your imaginations...

[ABCNews] Image: Wikimedia Commons

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