This DeLorean Cake Disappeared At 88MPH

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Back To The Future and the release of all three films on Blu-ray, the cast and filmmakers cut this eight-foot long DeLorean cake, complete with flaming tyre tracks. Great Scott! This is (a) heavy (cake)!

I officially want an 8-foot DeLorean cake for my 31st birthday next month. Make it happen Gizmodians.

Photo Credit: Diane Bondareff for Universal Studios Home Entertainment

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    Pure genius. Seriously, as long as there are no remake horrors in any hollywood studio exec's douchebag brain, BTTF will remain one of the very best movie series ever.

    Cannot wait to see that episode of "Ace of Cakes"

    Hmm, black guy, black guy...Holy Jesus, I think the black guy in those photos is Mayor Goldie Wilson! He's gonna clean up this town!

    Those guys (the guy with the OV shirt and the guy with the stuble in the bottom picture, not Michael J Fox) are from some show on Foxtel that makes specialty cakes, i dont watch it, although they do make some wicked looking cakes.

    Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss are two of the best shows on Foxtel.

    Some of the things they make on those shows are phenomenal.

    For a guy growing up watching the Back to the Future movies, this cake is beyond cool. It's also nice to see Michael J. Fox up and about. Whoever had the idea to hype up Back to the Future again gets high marks in my book.

    I love the dredz on goldie haha

    As soon as I saw the flames on the first pic, I thought to myself, 'man, that's just like what Duff from Charm City Cakes would make'. And then I scroll down and there he is!!!

    Duff is so cool. You know it's an Ace of Cakes cake if it spins or catches fire in some way.

    Hope this episode shows up on Foxtel soon!

    It's been 25 years since then? T_T

    Oh sweet, Michael J Fox was there with Christopher Lloyd! :D

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