The GizMod Rolls On

The GizMod Rolls On

 title=It doesn’t matter if you’re not really into cars, inside every geek there’s a deep-seeded lust to pimp your vehicle with the latest technology. With The GizMod, we’re going to live that dream.

We’ve taken possession of a brand new Toyota Rukus, and over the past few weeks we’ve begun the process of upgrading it to suit the geek lifestyle. Starting this week, we’ll be showing you in depth videos of exactly what goes into upgrading your car with the latest gadgets.

And when we’re done upgrading the inside with the hottest hardware, we’re going to get you guys to design the outside. We’re going to create a custom decal for the Rukus – based on a winning design from you guys – that will finish off the GizMod like a glass of port after a nice steak dinner.

So stay tuned for The GizMod, as we upgrade it from factory release to über-geek super-vehicle.

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