The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Toys

The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Toys

 title= Toys have come a long way since the days of bouncy balls and yo-yos. These days, kids both big and small are a lot more discerning when it comes to their playthings. Here are the hottest techy toys this Christmas season.


 src=Parrot AR.Drone, $349 It’s like a real-life iPhone game. Using cameras on a flying helicopter, you shoot down other drones in one of the most enjoyable usages of augmented reality yet! [Parrot] [imgclear]

 title=Tonka Ricochet Remote Control Car, $150 Tonka builds their toys tough. Which is why this RC car stands out above the others – you (or the child you give it to) can thrash it around and the thing will keep on driving. At least until the battery runs out… [Hasbro] [imgclear]

 title=BigTrak Jr, $80 Retro space ranging at its best, this old-school rover is completely programmable, offering a great introduction to young nerds programming skills. It will also have digital camera and foam missile attachments launching next year, which sorts you out for next Christmas too. [Gadgetking] [imgclear]


 title=R2D2 Projection Alarm Clock, $40 To kids today, R2 D2 is that robot with jet boosters in its feet that can fly. Absurd, right? Still, the droid is still lovable enough, especially when it projects the time onto the wall of your room. [Latestbuy] [imgclear]

 title=Computer Engineer Barbie, $25 There’s a real lack of women in IT. Which I guess is why Mattel has launched a Computer Engineer Barbie, complete with glasses, Bluetooth headset and a pink laptop. Here’s hoping it convinces girls that nerd is cool. [Barbie] [imgclear]

 title=Lego Lantern, $27 Lego is the gift that just keeps on giving, but this year why not take a slightly different approach with the minifig lamp. He stands about 22cm high and looks so cute, everyone should own one! [Dstore] [imgclear]