The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Satnavs

The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Satnavs

GPS navigation is everywhere these days, which is what makes it such a great stocking stuffer. Here’s the best way to get your Christmas shopping from point A to point B. Recalculating… Recalculating…


 title=Garmin nüvi 3790T, $549
Garmin blew us out of the water earlier this year by creating a satnav that was both high-end performance wise, as well as gorgeous to look at. With high-end features like voice control, SUNA traffic and Bluetooth, this 9mm satnav is easily the pick of the bunch.
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 title=TomTom Go 1050 World, $599
Frequent traveller? The Go 1050 World has maps for 49 countries around the world built in, including North America and most of Europe. It’s also got a huge 5-inch touchscreen, voice control and integrated Bluetooth for handsfree calling.
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 title=Navman MY75T, $399
Another five incher, the MY75T from Navman is a highly specced beast, with features like 3D landmarks, Lonely Planet travel guides, Bluetooth handsfree, 4WD tracks and adaptive routing. Plus, they’ve dropped the price by $50 for Christmas, making it a real bargain.
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 title=Kogan EZINAV G4 GPS, $129
Kogan are masters of the budget gadget, and their 4.3-inch GPS device is no exception. It reads out street names, has a builtin FM transmitter and is running the latest Sensis Maps. For $129, it’s hard to go past…
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 title=Navigon 40 Easy, $249
For an entry level satnav, the Easy 40 is a pretty full functioned device. With lane assistance, POI entry and the ability to navigate the last stretch of your journey on foot, it’s a solid contender as a cheap satnav for your mum.
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 title=TomTom Start, $179
TomTom’s entry level satnavs have always been the ones to beat when it comes to function and price. The Start has a 3.5-inch screen, spoken street names and TomTom’s Map Share function, plus support for Star Wars voices. And what more could you really want?