The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Interchangeable Lens Cameras

The 2010 Gizmodo Gift Guide: Interchangeable Lens Cameras

 title= Photographers are totally spoiled for choice this holiday season. It’s harder to find a bad camera than it is to pick a winner, so here are some of our favourites.


 title=Canon 60D, $1,599 (body only) With 18 megapixels, 3-inch LCD screen and full 1080p video recording, the 60D has a spec sheet to make any pro photographer jealous. The 60D is also capable of standard ISO 6400, making it ideal for night time shooting and video recording. [Canon] [imgclear]

 title=Nikon D7000, $1,900 The D7000 seemed to hit all the sweet spots for DSLRs – 16.2MP, ISO up to 6400, Full 1080p video recording at 24fps, HDMI output, and clever features like dual SD card slots. The price there is RRP, so make sure you shop around for the best deal on this awesome camera. [Nikon] [imgclear]

 title=Sony Alpha 55 $1,249 (body only) Sony’s latest Alpha cameras introduced the concept of a translucent mirror, which allows for faster autofocus and continuous shooting. The Alpha 55 is capable of 10 frames per second continuous shooting with its 16.2MP sensor. Throw in 1080p video recording and an integrated GPS sensor and you’ve got a complete DSLR for a reasonable price. [Sony] [imgclear]


 title=Samsung NX100, $899 Samsung may not be the biggest name in cameras, but their NX100 is a great addition to the market thanks to its intelligent iFunction lens, which lets you control the camera’s main functions using the focus ring on the lens. 15.1MP and a gorgeous 3-inch AMOLED screen round out this budget pocket rocket. [Samsung] [imgclear]

 title=Panasonic G10, $999 Panasonic has really pioneered the way for the whole mirrorless interchangeable lens camera market. Their G10 is the first Micro Four Thirds snapper to come in under a grand for the body, with a 12.1MP sensor, Live View shooting and 1280 x 720p video recording. [Panasonic] [imgclear]

 title=Olympus E-PL1, $799 The first Olympus Pen Micro four-thirds camera looked amazing, but was a bit slow. The E-PL1 has updated the looks, the responsiveness and the features list, bringing high-end photography to a lightweight body. 12.3MP, 720p video and Olympus’ easy navigation menu all make this camera a solid buy. [Olympus] [imgclear]