Optus Prices Samsung Galaxy Tab

Optus Prices Samsung Galaxy Tab
Face it: You loved the idea of the Galaxy Tab, right up until the point that it costs $999 outright. Optus is first Telco out the gate with a pricing plan for the tablet, and it’s significantly cheaper: $0 up front on a $59 cap over 24 months.

What makes this cap plan interesting is that it includes up to 20GB worth of data each month. Just like their mobile broadband plans, depending on when you’re browsing, you can have either 10GB during peak times (7am to midnight) or 20GB during off peak (midnight to 7am). Although it’s worth noting that data is counted in 10MB increments (WTF!?) and includes both uploads and downloads.

Optus has also partnered with News corporation to extend the subscription to the Australian app for the duration of your contract, instead of just the free trial you get if you buy the device outright.

There’s also a $79 a month option which includes 16-32GB of data, or a couple of cheaper plan options that don’t offer the tablet for $0 up front, meaning you pay just as much for the contract but don’t get as much data.

So… Who’s getting one?