Optus Has A Sub-$300 Tablet Too

It seems the battle for tablet mindshare isn't going to be played out between Apple and the Galaxy Tab - it's going to be between the low-end, lowly specced options from the telcos. Responding to Telstra's T-Touch Tab yesterday, Optus announced the Optus MyTab, a $279 Android tablet with resistive touchscreen from manufacturer ZTE.

The MyTab is a 7-inch tablet and weighs just over 400 grams, runs Android 2.1 and will include 3GB of prepaid data in the $279 RRP. Like the T-Touch Tab, the resistive touchscreen is going to mean it's too lowly specced for most of you, but as a device for kids or grandparents, it has potential. Or it will when it launches in mid-December.

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