Nominate Your Favourite Gadgets For The 2010 Australian Gizmodo Awards

The smartphone market has exploded in a fiery ball of awesome this year. There was the iPhone 4 from Apple, The HTC Desire and Desire HD, the Samsung Galaxy S, plus two whole new smartphone operating systems, with Windows Phone 7 and Bada both launching on phones around the country. Or maybe you're just a fan of the Nokia N8. There were plenty of launches, but which one was the best? The 2010 Australian Gizmodo Awards are your way of deciding.

For the next two weeks we're calling for nominations for the best gadgets of the year over five categories: Mobiles, Cameras, TVs, Computers and Apps. Tell us your favourites in the comments below, and then stay tuned for the voting to begin. Once the winner from each category has been determined, they'll battle it out for the crown of "Gizmodo Gadget of the Year".

[Australian Gizmodo Awards 2010]

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