NBN "$400 Per Room" Installation Fee Is A Load Of Crap

If you want the best possible network inside your home, you'll need to run Cat6 cable through the home. Doesn't matter if you're on fibre, cable or ADSL, Cat6 running through your walls is the only way to get the best possible speeds in the home. Having it installed professionally will cost you up to $400 per room. And doing so has absolutely nothing to do with the NBN.

If you've been following the NBN arguments in recent weeks, you'll know that the Australian newspapers have been on a bit of an anti-NBN campaign, especially those owned by uncle Rupert. But with both the SMH and the Australian reporting that installing the NBN could cost up to $400 per room, it's definitely worth pointing out that there is absolutely no need to hardwire your home for the NBN. Like all the current broadband solutions, a wireless router will allow you to create a home network for your gadgets. It will also be significantly cheaper than cabling your home.

We've been neglecting the NBN issue over the past few weeks - since the election it seems to have devolved into a bit of a catfight between Malcolm Turnbull and Stephen Conroy (and honestly, nobody wants to see those two fighting like girls), but given the anti-NBN bullshit rhetoric being pumped out of the supposedly "objective" newspapers, we're going to start paying more attention now.

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