iiNet To Continue To Buy ISPs, Develop In House R&D

Computerworld has an iiNet double punch up on their site today. First off is the fact that the country's second largest ISP is developing its own research and development facility, which is followed by the confession that after taking over Netspace and AAPT this year, they plan on eating even more ISPs in the future.

The R&D facility promises to expand on the research done in developing products like BoB, FetchTV and concepts like Naked DSL. Computerworld says that the facility will "give the ISP more control of development and the ability to respond to changing customer demands and trends."

The consolidation news is even more interesting. According to iiNet's Michael Smith, iiNet has become the 'acquirer of choice', and is in a good position to continue the path of consolidation. While there's no word on exactly which ISPs might make good fodder for the growing iiNet beast, if they acquire any other major ISPs they'll be in a pretty good position to take over Telstra as the country's biggest ISP...

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