Galaxy Tab Shipping With Navigon GPS Software

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab at IFA back in September, they made a big deal about the fact it would double as a satnav out of the box using Google Maps' Navigation software. But Google doesn't offer turn by turn navigation software for Australia yet, so it's good to see that Samsung has partnered with Navigon to offer Navigon mapping on the Galaxy Tab, straight out of the box.

The partnership means that you'll be able to use the 7-inch tablet as a huge GPS device, without having to fork out extra for software. Included in the partnership are 2D and 3D views, turn by turn voice navigation, pedestrian navigation mode, Google local search, plus integration with contacts, photo-realistic displays of exits and things like automatic day/night mode.

If you want text to speech for read out street names, traffic support or safety cameras, Navigon will charge you extra through in-app purchasing once you get your hands on the Tab.

This partnership does a little to help justify that $1000 price tag. We're still waiting for the carriers to announce Tab pricing, which should happen within the next few weeks.

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