Fox Throwing In A DVD And Digital Copy With Certain Blu-ray Movies

The problem with most Blu-ray discs is that it can be a pain in the backside to rip them and convert them to a file size you can watch on your phone. Some studios address this by sticking a digital copy in the box. Others bundle a DVD copy in there as well. If you like musicals, 20th Century Fox is now offering the trifecta - Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy all for $30 in their "Musicals that play anywhere" collection.

Initially including Romeo and juliet, Moulin Rouge and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fox have promised that the three-disc option will roll out to "future Blu-ray campaigns" next year.

If the studios are serious about reducing piracy, then initiatives like this definitely need to be more commonplace. Still, it's a good step forward...

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