Apple’s Black Friday Deals Vary In Value

Apple’s Black Friday Deals Vary In Value

 title=We generally don’t get too much in the way of the huge Black Friday savings our counterparts in the US enjoy, but at least Apple passes on the savings to Australians. Sometimes.

Having a look through the Australian Apple Store, there are some pretty decent savings. iPads are available at a $51 saving across the range, the new iPod Nano are available for either $15 or $25 off depending on capacity and the iPod Touch has between $25 and $51 off for the different versions.

But moving into the Mac sphere, and things are even better.

There’s a $121 saving on all MacBook Pro and iMac models, plus the 13-inch MacBook Air.

The deals are for today only. Given how little variance there is in Apple’s pricing, it’s probably the best deal you’ll get on joining the Apple cult this year.