Telstra Unlocking iPhones For Free

One of the most frustrating things about buying phones in recent years is that even when you buy it on a contract, the phone itself is still generally locked to the carrier you've signed with, and to unlock the phone you need to pay the carrier a heap of cash. Telstra has just eased some of that pain for iPhone users, killing off the unlock fee for locked iPhones.

Mind you, it's not stopping them from locking the phone to the network in the first place, but it is a step forward, and especially helpful if you want to use an international SIM card in your phone while travelling overseas. You can get te full details on how to unlock your Telstra iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4 on Telstra's Exchange blog.



    Will this pave the way for other smartphones to be unlocked from Telstra for free in the future?

      Currently, the iPhone is the only post paid handset locked to Teltra. All pre-paid handsets are locked as the cost of the device is subsidized through future phone credit, but as post paid devices are paid for through the contract, they are unlocked.

      I'm still not sure why the iPhone was locked

    Well the locking to the network is a iPhone thing and then it was up to carrier to charge after the fact to unlock. Telstra doesn't normally lock the postpaid phones with the exception the hiptop and the like

    could someone fill me in on this and clarify something for me.

    nextg == 850mhz band for hsdpa.

    i not owning a iphone, assume the telstra models are 850mhz. optus and co being 900, 2100 etc.

    now presume you unlock your telstra phone... how is one to get 3g on other networks that dont support 850mhz?

      Penta-band UMTS/HSDPA (800, 850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz)


      The iPhone 4 is quad band.. so it will work on all 3g networks in Australia.

      All the iPhone 4 models that Telstra get should be capable of 850/900/1800/2100mhz. They don't change the chip's in them between carriers.

    hopefully this is due to some regulatory pressure and others will follow

    It's true!

    After reading this article, I went to the blog link, then called the iPhone support number provided. All I had to do was provide my IMEI and BAM.....all done!

    Am telling everybody I know that own an iPhone, so far a couple others have also unlocked theirs.

    This was a great move by Telstra management, I'm starting think they may actually be 'for real' about their new focus on customer support and satisifaction.

    Wow, Telstra actually did some good??
    My mate had an issue with them some time ago, when he purchased an iphone 3g outright from Telstra and they tried to charge him the $160 (I think that was the going rate?)to unlock the phone. A call to the ACCC and with some other advise the phone was unlocked free of charge. It was something to do with the way that the contract with regards to purchasing the phone outright from the carrier was written.

    do you need to be the original purchaser of the phone to do the unlock??

    I think companies should actually recall the iPhone 4. How in the world does a company get away with sellign a product that they know it is faulty in the first place. Any seriously guys. People are lining up to buy a phone that is faulty. Come on people, wake up.

      You wake up. The phone is not faulty. Find Australians who actually experience anything worth writing home about. I couldn't be happier with my iPhone 4 and you'd be hard stretched to find anyone that owns one whinging about the "fault".
      Your loss if you can't open your eyes to it.

        Hi Joel

        Umm mme to wake up. Why would Apple offer bumber bars to fix a problem? Wrong equation used for the bars. What a joke. I'm a program developer. The software update just makes it show more bars, but the signal is unchanged. Why are there drop outs. I have nothing agaist iPhone at all. But the iPhone 4 is a manufacturaing defect. Haven't you heard about the class action law suit in the US against iPhone. And you tell me to wake up.

        No, it's faulty. They don't offer free bumpers because they're nice people.

        +1. I have an HTC Desire and a jailbroken iPhone 4, and the iP4 on Telstra has the best coverage and performance by far. I've never had a dropped call or any noticeable signal degradation.

        The problems with the iPhone 4 are primarily attributed from weak signals to begin with on the shitty At&T network in the USA. On Telstra's far superior network, the thing flies.

          hello simon im wondering if it is safe to unlock a jailbroken iphone 4 via telstra

        They offered free bumpers because enough people whinged that they wanted free bumpers. The same way a class action lawsuit is just enough people whinging all at once.
        Yes the signal can go down if you hold that spot, yes it is hardware not software, the point is in real life it is affecting a very small portion of people.
        Own an iPhone 4 for a week and then come back and complain that you're getting dropped calls. In the meantime the rest of us will enjoy our iPhone's.

      You've obviously never actually used one. Best reception of any phone I've owned. Yes, there is a flaw, and I was all over Apple when it first came to light, and their lame attempts at a cover up, but the fact is it's not an issue in day-to-day usage, and the otherwise superior reception more than makes up for it.

      Oh, and get your facts straight... The software update made it show *fewer* bars for the same signal, not more bars.

    I had my 3G, 3GS and 4 with Optus and never get charge when I request to unlock.
    Telstra is trying to rip ppl off

      Not sure how Telstra are trying to rip people off by charging the grand sum of ZERO dollars to unlock the phone.
      Yes - Optus unlock phones for free too. Well, provided your contract's expired. Oh, and then ... as I found out ... they say they've unlocked it but when you go abroad, you find it's not actually been done at all.

        Optus have always unlocked iPhones (on post paid contracts) for free, even while under contract. Telstra were ripping people off by charging, but they're now finally doing the right thing.

    This is convenient, just bought a second hand iphone 3g, but it's locked to telstra. Now i can get it to work with my optus wireless broadband :D

    Just got my iphone unlocked and since then I am unable to connect to my wifi network. It always give APIPA 169.x.x.x

    Is there any fix to this???
    I have two iphones 4 and both have the same problem now???

    Help Anyone?

    I'd like to know why my outright purchased iphone which came from an apple store and not a Telstra shop cam to be locked onto the telstra network?

    Telstra now tell me that this is Apple's doing, does anyone have the scoop on this?

    October 18, 2010 at 2:29 pm
    I had my 3G, 3GS and 4 with Optus and never get charge when I request to unlock.
    Telstra is trying to rip ppl off

    can you help me to unlock my OPTUS / Telstra iPHONES any web link where i can do it FREE


    So, do they only unlock post-paid plan phones where the plan was with telstra in the first place?

    I.e. will they unlock an iphone that was bought in another country and bought here after? I picked up an I phone elsewhere and want to continue with the telstra plan I have been on for a long time, but put my old sim in my new Iphone. Any ideas?

      Your iPhone which is locked to a network can be unlocked by getting the remote unlock service from the site . To get the remote unlock service select your iPhone model then the country and network to which it is locked. Get the remote unlock service and provide the iPhone's IMEI when it is asked and wait for a mail stating " your phone has been activated or remotely unlocked ". And then follow the instructions carefully to get your iPhone unlocked.

      -> Install the latest version of iTunes.
      -> Make sure your iPhone's phone software is updated to the latest version using the iTunes software.
      -> Connect your iPhone to iTunes with a NOT ACCEPTED SIM card.
      -> Wait until iTunes detects your iPhone.
      -> Disconnect your iPhone and reconnect it after 10 seconds.
      -> Your iPhone is now unlocked.

      Last edited 18/03/13 5:12 pm

    Not all iPhones are unlockable. (depends on carrier & other conditions). But the process for unlocking an iPhone is the same no matter what. Simply connect to iTunes & Restore. (backup your data if needed).
    Here's a site that unlocks a lot of phones and offers instructions:

      I have iPhone 6 locked on Australia network on Optus company, And I go out form AU in USA and is need to use on AT&T sim card, but my device is be locked. I find the MyUnlockService company and unlock my device on this service here

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