Telstra Desire Froyo Update Coming 'Within The Next Few Days'

It seems like an age since European Desire owners got the update to Android 2.2. An age that Telstra Desire owners have been stuck with 2.1 - or if they were confident enough - a self-installed version of the Froyo OS. But it looks like the wait is almost over for Telstra Desire owners, with the Telstra Twitter team telling reader Con that an OTA update should arrive "within the next few days".

Obviously, that's a fairly lose period of time that could be stretched out for a while. But it does sound like Telstra Desire owners will be enjoying the joys of Froyo before the end of the month at least, and over the weekend at best.

So if you own a Desire through Telstra, keep your eyes open and your fingers crossed for the update appearing over the weekend.

[Twitter - Thanks Con!]


    About. Bloody. Time.

    FINALLY, i've been looking forward to this.

    Too late! I got sick of waiting and rooted mine a few days ago. So nice to get rid of all the Telstra junk on there.

    I've found Cyanogen on the Desire to be a better solution than waiting for the telco to get their crap together. Have been hearing "soon" for Froyo since I purchased the device months ago now.

    The Modaco ROMs aren't bad either, but they're a little chunkier (which could be a good or bad thing depending on what you're looking for).

    A few days? Is this quote similar to the "within 4 weeks" figure given.... oh.... 4 weeks ago?

    Coming soon
    Within 4 weeks
    Next few days

    Seriously this is beyond a joke. Just get the f***ing thing out already, no one cares about Telstra's stupid bloatware.

    75 days after Europe gets Froyo on the Desire and Telstra is still "days away".

    You 3G network might rock, but your ability to deploy OS's is appalling!

    Why didn't I buy the phone unlocked so I could get the update at any time... saving a couple hundred bucks was not worth the wait or the crappy bloatware - Thanks Telstra.

    Oh my god!!! About time too!!
    I've had this damn thing for a whole 3 months now and I've run out of space to install one of 50000000 different types of fart apps!

    How devoid of a life are people that their entire sense of happiness and self worth is dependant on the speed at which some telco releases an update for their mobile phone?
    That's right, IT'S JUST A PHONE

    Actually, if it's just a phone to you then you've wasted your money and could have got any one of several hundred basic handsets.

    The Desire, like most smartphones these days, has become an essential tool for keeping in touch and managing your life/business. The big deal about Android 2.2 is (among other things) to ability to save apps to the SD card - something that has been severely limiting the phone's use up to now.

    Personally, I can't wait to start getting maximum leverage out of this great device.

      I wasted my money when I bought the N900.
      The Desire provides me with all of my email, messaging, appointment and time management requirements including document management, whilst still allowing for entertainment value.
      I've managed to install sufficient apps for it to meet my needs without having to worry about apps2sd.
      Perhaps it's more a case of people with an I-phoney inferiority complex wanting (but not actually needing) 1000 different apps on their converged mobile device just so they can show everyone how much more awesome their phone isthen someone else.
      Hello's comment about tethering is the only real reason I am waiting for Froyo, but certainly not with a level of impatience that would have me p*ssing and moaning about how long it's taking Telstra to get their a*se into gear and deliver the rom for it ( I think everyone agrees on the level of indifference and contempt that they treat their end users).
      I sincerely hope you're not suggesting that having something as inane as an FB widget on a phone,is "essential" for managing your life.
      If so, then I'd suggest you google "Maslow's Hierarchy of needs" ;)

    Finally?! Is it true?! Or is it all a dream?
    HTC Desire which is claimed to be 'the dumb blond Iphone 4 killer'... and without a single doubt after myself being one of the first Iphone users I would never go back to an Iphone after using the HTC Desire and the Android system.
    Telstra is a great network to be on but you pay in way or another. Hence the delays on Froyo. Generally speaking when it comes to ROM updates (speaking from experience) Telstra needs a good dose of Viagra!

    Drago, I think it's a little more than that - the new OS allows for tethering which will reduce the monthly outlay for users by not requiring an extra sim plan for their iPad, for example.

      hello - what do you mean? I've been tethering my telstra desire 2.1 from the day I got it.
      2.2. is supposed to give us wireless base station ability but tethering is fine already.

    am I the only one that misses their iPhone after switching to the desire?. It pains me to say it but it does 'just work'. I've found android to be less polished in every way, things crash more etc. The main thing i prefer about android though is the internet browser (flash) and the gmail client. everything else however loses out to my old iPhone =(. Hoping froyo will change my attitude.

    Twitter now saying not ota and only off the HTC website....?

    By the time Telstra get around to releasing 2.2, Version 3 will have already been released. I suspect that Telstra will put up with all the bad publicity because when 2.2 is finally released (God knows when) they hope all the negativity will "go away".

    Does anyone know who or where in Telstra we can get updated status of Froyo's release?

    I gave up on telstra over the weekend and rooted my phone. Given how slow they have been with froyo do you think they can handle the Gingerbread update when it arrives.....I don't think so!

    Finaly the update is out, and of course I get an error trying to load it up. Error 5001 telling me to shut down other programs, but it's the only one open... a little frustrating to say the least.

    Anyone got this to work yet?

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