Samsung's Latest Blu-ray Home Theatre System Looks Top Heavy

Designed to match their $10K Series 9 LED TV, the Samsung HT-C9950W 3D home theatre Blu-ray system is stunning. It also looks like it could topple over with the slightest touch, but maybe that's just my paranoid-father-of-a-one-year-old-who-pulls-on-everything-within-his-limited-grasp mind talking...

Fortunately, the system is a lot more versatile than that picture shows, and can be both wall mounted, placed on a table or supported on its minimalist stand. The system incorporates all the latest audio codecs, an iPod dock and two HDMI inputs, and comes standard with a wireless module to offer both BD-Live content and access to Samsung's online Apps. portal.

The entire 7.1 system has an RRP of $2,399. Whether or not it will match your home decor though is another question altogether.


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