Parallel Of Time Clock Will Satisfy The Geometry Fan In Everyone

Who doesn't love a good parallelogram? I mean, it's no dodecahedron, sure, but the parallelogram is king in some quarters of the geometric shape world. And now it tells the time, with this concept clock from Melbourne design firm ClarkeHopkinsClarke.

Constructed from recycled plastic, chronometric mechanical parts, cable and glass, the Parallel of Time clock is actually just four separate clocks with connecting cables between the key parts of each hour and minute hand. Because the time is constant across all clocks, there is a set distance between their position at any time, which allows the cables to be connected at a fixed distance to create the effect, although the hour and minute hand are on either sie of the glass to stop those cables from colliding.

It's a design at the moment, although CHC have an email address to contact should you want to purchase one when they do go on sale.


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