Nudist 3D Film Show What's Wrong With 3D In General

Last week, I got a press release about "The world's first 3D nudist movie". Get ready for three dimensional, non-erotic manjunk, people!

The email accompanying the press release repeatedly stressed that this is not erotica:

It is important to note our sites do NOT have adult content (no close-ups of genitals, no sexual or erotic activity, etc.) and are not restricted to 18+. Any age may view our site.

The email also included a link to Vimeo for a cut from the film - in anaglyph, rather than side by side - but still a version of 3D. In the interest of discovering whether this was newsworthy I sat through the whole thing,complete with anaglyph glasses.

I was about halfway through watching some naked people have a sack race - and not the kind you might find in any of a thousand porn films, either - when it dawned on me what's wrong with 3D in general. It isn't the technology - although that's still got a way to go as well - It's the films themselves. They're all generally pretty crap.

This Nudist 3D film is the shining example. The 3D element isn't there to add an extra dimension - it's there so the filmakers don't feel like the popularity train left without them. Sure, this nudist film is a "documentary", but considering the three minute video they posted to the web includes such riveting moments as a group of (naked) people playing charades, blowing up balloons and doing yoga in a forest, it's certainly not on its way to win any awards.

Of course, crap films have been around for an age too, but for the most part people recognised them for what they were, without confusing them with a technology like 3D.

Let's just hope that Nudist 3D is the beginning of the end, rather than just the beginning... Releases World's First 3D Nudist Movie, in Full-HD 3D CYBERSPACE - October 20, 2010 - has released "3D Nudist Adventure," the world´s first 3D nudist movie, in Full-HD 3D format. Video is stereoscopic 3D, with full HD 1920x1080 streams for each eye.

"We are proud to offer the world's first stereoscopic 3D Naturist Documentary Film, in Full-HD quality, to provide the viewer with an immersive, 'you-are-there' experience," said marketing director Keith Johnson. The film follows a group of nudists in a beautiful hillside forest as they hike, do yoga, play games, and enjoy the naturist lifestyle in a beautiful natural setting. Movies are available in 5-minute downloadable 3D WMV-HD clips, as well as on Blu-Ray in side-by-side 3D format. The Full-HD 3D content is best viewed with Stereoscopic Player software, on a 120Hz 3D monitor using active shutter glasses such as the NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ system. Clips can also be viewed in anaglyphic format with traditional red-cyan 3D glasses, on a standard monitor. Blu-Ray movies are provided in the popular side-by-side 3D format, enabling the user to view content on most 3DTVs using a standard Blu-Ray player or Blu-Ray equipped PC.

" is a proud affiliate of, the innovator in all-HD naturist documentary films,” Johnson said. “Four years ago, was the pioneer in producing the market's best quality, Full-HD naturist documentary movies. The high quality video virtually transports the viewer into the culture of nudism in Eastern Europe." continues this innovation with the world's first Full-HD, 3D naturist films that provide an incredibly immersive and life-like experience for the viewer. Johnson continued, "These films provide a virtual window onto this interesting and unusual nudist lifestyle. With traditional video, you look through a window onto this culture. With Full-HD 3D, you step right through the window, into this world.” Johnson explained that true nudism does not mean sex or erotica. "Our films depict the naturist lifestyle, which in no way involves erotic or sexual activity. These families and individuals have practiced naturism for many years, to enjoy the freedom and oneness with nature that the naturist lifestyle represents. Our movies perfectly capture this lifestyle, and are never explicit or erotic in nature."

Obtaining best possible video quality in this emerging field was of the utmost importance. "As with most documentary filmmakers, shooting and authoring in 3D was a completely new experience for us," Johnson said. "There was one overreaching goal throughout - providing the clearest, most natural 3D image quality for our viewers." Three separate camera rigs were tested before the production crew came up with a solution that provided the quality level required. "We realized early on that simply adding a consumer-level 3D 'B' Camera would not provide adequate results. Our nudists are very active, and never stay still for long. That traditionally called for a fast-moving, handheld shooting style," Johnson said. However, this style does not work well for 3D, which requires very still shots with a wider panorama to allow the viewer to take in their entire surroundings in 3D. In addition, action must be shot at the proper 3D depth level to not cause viewer discomfort or eye strain. "Most activity in our films occurs at the screen plane or behind, for maximum viewer comfort," Johnson added. "But of course, we have worked in some fun and funny 3D tricks that will have objects flying off the screen into the viewer's living room." "3D Nudist Adventure" is the first of many 3D Naturist Films to be released in the coming months by Sample Full-HD 3D clips are available for free download at the site. In addition, is prepared for the emerging Blu-Ray 3D standard and plans to provide Blu-Ray 3D titles in the coming months.

For more information visit: or contact via e-mail: [email protected]

And if you want to watch the very NSFW (yet strangely tedious) video on Vimeo, the link is here.

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