iAppalooza Travel: Taxi Pro

Getting a cab in Sydney is a hit and miss affair - both in finding a free cab and getting a driver who doesn't treat Ray Hadley like the messiah. That's why we use Taxi Pro to book cabs on the odd occasion we have to jump into a cab.

There are a number of convenient inclusions that make Taxi Pro our cab-hiring app of choice. Like the ability to rebook the same journey at the touch of a button, or book a cab up to two weeks in advance. You can also add details from your contacts list, which saves the hassle of having to type out an entire address.

Sadly, this free app is another Sydney-only application, although there are a few alternatives with Melbourne support. You may not need to book a taxi often, but when you do, being able to do it via an app rather than having to wait on hold is a pleasant alternative.

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