iAppalooza Productivity: ShoppingList

iAppalooza Productivity: ShoppingList

 title=A shopping list app for your iPhone. What could possibly be simpler?

The ShoppingList app is a long time favourite. With the ability to manage multiple lists (one for Bunnings, one for groceries, one for JB Hifi), the app is as versatile as you need to get all your shopping done. You can add an image to accompany each product type, and once you’ve added something once, the app will remember it for easy addition to future lists.

Each list can have a category added as well as managing multiple lists, and quantities are easily adjustable. If you’re the type of person who has a tendency to forget stuff, you can add a note to any item on your list as well. Once you’ve grabbed an item, simply tap it in your list to mark it as purchased, and it will automatically move to the bottom of the list.

The app costs $1.19, and is worth every cent.

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