iAppalooza Other: Consume

iAppalooza Other: Consume

 title=There are thousands of apps on the app store designed for tracking your mobile phone usage, be it phone calls or data. But Consume takes that to a whole other level, letting you keep track of almost everything.

Forget about monitoring your phone call and data usage – that doesn’t even scratch on the beginning of what this app does. It also monitors your home broadband usage, your wireless broadband, your frequent flyer card, FlyBuys, eToll, movie clubs, store codes, certain australia post deliveries and courier deliveries, and Club Nintendo. You can even monitor your Evernote and Dropbox usage.

Setting up is simple – you just need your login details for all your accounts. Each time you set up a new account, it’s added to a separate card, which you can cycle through to check your most recent usage stat.

There are 107 Australian services on board and 28 global ones, plus a heap of international services for anyone overseas.

Even if this app was $5, we’d happily recommend it. But it’s free, which means that you should not only download it right now, you should tell all your iPhone-owning friends about it too.

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